Prior to the formation of Superior Transportation Services, Joe Schieffert, one of the owners, was the manager/owner of the Sleepy Eye Bus Service, providing transportation to school district #84 and #2534. Joe and two partners formed Sleepy Eye Bus Service Inc. in 2004. Joe was responsible for the management of employees, bus maintenance, and communication with the school district including school board members, superintendent, parents, teachers, and students. Joe maintained this role until 2012 when Superior Transportation Services was formed by Joe and his wife Ashley.

Superior Transportation Services Inc. was formed in 2012 for the purpose of providing school bus services to a head start program called Tri-Valley Opportunity Council (TVOC). This program is funded through the USDA and provides curriculum based day care for children of migrant workers in MN. As with most programs like this and school districts that operate their own buses, it is difficult to find and keep good drivers. It is also tough to keep equipment up to DOT standards. TVOC asked Superior Transportation Services to take over transportation services at one of their centers in Elysian MN. The business has also provided similar services to centers in Danube, MN and Monticello, MN on more of an as needed basis. In February of 2014 Superior Transportation Services Inc. expanded by purchasing a bus company in Springfield, MN. Superior Transportation was also awarded the contract for the Bold Public School District in May 2016. We currently provide the transportation for school district #85 and #2534.

 Superior Transportation in Sleepy Eye MN

Joe Schieffert

Owner/Operations Manager

Ashley Schieffert


 Superior Transportation in Sleepy Eye MN

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